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Dottie dreads nought is a platforming game created for the SNESDEV Game Jam 2021.

Can you help Dottie on her hiking adventure to find the legendary Edelweiß flower?

Along for the ride is her friend Ernesto. By using the magic mirror, you can shift perspective to him and reveal secrets previously hidden.

Features music by the great Ninomiya Yuji of Nekotako fame:

Uses qSPC by https://twitter.com/gyuque.
For devlog, see https://twitter.com/Goldlocke7


V1.1 (2021-09-05):
-various bugfixes
-lowered difficulty of volcano chase sequence

V1.0 (2021-09-02):
-initial release

Game specs (in adherence to SNESDEV Game Jam 2021 rules):

  • Cartridge Layout: SHVC-1J0N-01 (8Mbit ROM only,  Mode 31)
  • Video System/Target Region: NTSC/Japan
  • Input: standard joypad in port 1, single player
  • Theme incorporation: Switch to sidekicks perspective to reveal hidden secrets.
  • Contributors: https://twitter.com/ninomiyayuji (music), https://twitter.com/Goldlocke7 (remainder)
  • External assets used: http://pagam.es/q2/ (SPC700 driver by https://twitter.com/gyuque), various free sound effects
  • Assets used but not created during game jam: private sourcecode base from previous personal projects
  • Tools used: WLA-DX, LZ4, Visual Studio Code, C700, Audacity, GIMP, Blender, Tiled, gracon (https://github.com/snesdev0815/gracon), make
  • Successfully tested on: SFC 1/1/1, SFC 2/1/3, SNES PAL 2/1/3, SNES 1Chip, Analogue Super NT, BSNES, Snes9x
  • Development period: 2021-06-04 to 2021-09-05

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Tags2D, Game Jam, snes


Dottie dreads nought (J) (V1.1).zip 344 kB

Install instructions

Use any SNES emulator or flashcart to play the ROM file on your computer or real hardware.


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I love how you're just never going to release the sequel to the public and we all just have to pray that one of your <100 buddies in the community has the brains to rip the cartridge before it's lost.

Absolutely love this one!

Great little SNES platformer!


Hello, are you OK?

do you have the label for the cartridge? what about the box art for the game so i can print it out and have it on physical media? Your game is beautiful and I want to have it in my collection. Congratulations on your created games!


I would absolutely love to talk about licensing and publishing for this wonderful game! It is amazing! Email me johnroo@theretroroomgames.com I would love to work with you!

I have really enjoyed your game! It's so cool that people are still programming for SNES. Is there a GitHub page for your project?

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🎮 Dottie Dreads Nought (SNES)   Complete Gameplay: 

Nice video, thank you!


Thank you for bringing us this masterpiece.

The entire gaming community is honored to know that there are quality professionals like you.

Congratulations on this beautiful work. I wish you every success!

That's very flattering, thank you so much!


A master piece game. Congrats !


Excellent game, thanks a lot


I have downloaded the game just a few minutes ago. Thank you for sharing!! Cool graphics, nice music, I like the little witch (a great character), Ernesto (nice owl!!!), once again thank you!!!


Congratulations, the game is amazing, very beautiful and fun!


Really digging this game! I'm interested in chatting with you about it if you're interested. Couldn't find a way to DM you

Thank you! You can reach me on Twitter or via Email: ephraim.goldlocke [at] gmail.com.

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The game flashed me from the beginnig. It has fantastic ideas and genial artworks. I'm very impressed. If KONAMI would release SNES games today it would look like yours. I think it has good game mechanics like other SNES hits and graphics, effects and artstyles of the present (like the backgrounds or the star-opener). The animation of Dottie and Ernesto are so cute and fantastic designed. For me, it's the SNES game I was looking for a long time: A game with the good old qualities and a design which shows the look and posibilities of the present. Really good work!


I'm impressed with how well this game is put together!  The difficulty curve is good for its length, I found myself wanting an extra checkpoint but not badly enough to get frustrated.  The sound and animations are lovely and the controls are responsive and satisfying.  I missed just a bit of the tutorial text because I glanced away for a second but that's about the only note I'd have, great jam entry overall!


Very nice platformer. Art is great, but the design needs some work.


Blind jumps in places, I expected holding a direction to look there.

Very unfair enemy placement in some places. I died two times, both hearts, at the blue respawning enemy right before part 3? of the second? level. Then a respawning flying enemy killed me over pt 3's pit, when I was holding the drill position in the air.

The boss swarm of the level was way too hard, and dying there put me back a long way. So I gave up there, not going through that again.


Loved the game! I featured this game into my Week's Top 5!
Check the video!


OMG! So awesome style and design!

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Cool video game! It has all the feel of the Japanese platformers of the 90’s. I loved your dedication to Near. We lost a genius of the romhacking scene. Thank you for the video game!